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KEL Management Facilitation focuses on providing Lean Time Management / Organization Skills coaching wih on-site group or private office settings.  Kenneth Lewis is the Coach for all options.


Group Coaching option A ---- How Does The Program Work?

Participants attend a group on-site coaching option by participating in a 4 hour interactive workshop. The group is coached on how to better manage time on a daily bases, stay focused on tasks, and to organize their work space to minimize the time spent trying to find things in a paper or technology environment.


Each participant is able to achieve the program goals regardless of their professional occupation within 2-4 weeks of completing the workshop.

Private Office Coaching Option B ---- Prefer a private coaching session in your own workspace?

Coaching is provided in the participants work space after reviewing the participants needs and challenges and open to making changes in their daily processes.  This option requires 6 to 8 hours one on one interaction. At the conclusion there are no piles of information laying around, storage homes are established for projects and the next days tasks planned.  The electronic pile in the email inbox is now empty.  


The participant can maintain their new work space status and Time Management processes after completing this program option.

Long Distance Private Coaching Option C ---- One on One interaction by Skype or FaceTime

This option is provided by conducting 6 thirty minute sessions, a session once a week using Skype or FaceTime.  Program learning materials are shipped or emailed to the participant ahead of each session. Session times are pre-scheduled according to the participant's available un-interrupted time.  The participant will obtain the same personal benefits with this option as the other options.


Personal logistics make this option attractive if the need for change and dedication to follow thru is present.

Why is a follow up session important?

A follow up coaching session is provided for all options.


Follow up coaching by phone or in-person is key to successfully changing a person's past work habits.

Two weeks after the initial session a follow-up session is conducted either in person or via electronic tools.  Participant questions are handled and I can observe work processes and offer suggestions.


As a result personal continuation of the learned processes is still over 90% after one year.

Interested in experiencing less stress and taking control of your day?

Call today at 260-672-2028 or 260-704-3529 to discuss your interest or email

Have you ever watched people spend several days attending a workshop and come out emotionally all pumped up with that's the way I want to work and live my life,  but on Monday morning they revert back to their old habits.





My Program structure includes an accountability phase (follow up) which helps develop a personalized set of processes that assists clients staying focused daily.


 Accountability forces habit change.

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