Lean Time Management/Organization Skills Program Structure

Program structure is designed to assist people in changing their daily work habits by improving their Time Management processes and assisting in the organization of their work space.


Time Management processes and work space organization are coached together because if a person benefits by improved Time Management skills but still expends a lot of time trying to find things increased productivity is minimized.


In any learning process there must be a personal need to improve and a commitment to follow through.  To help with this phase a follow-up one/one coaching session is provided two weeks after the workshop in the participant's work space or by a scheduled phone meeting by Skype or Face- Time.


This phase of the program accounts for 60% of the program value according to participant feedback, accountability strengthens habit change.


Each participant is also given a paper based Personal Organizer System to learn the program processes and then transition into technology based tools as needed.  People still learn processes best by the use of paper and pencil first.


All paper based tools are made available free to program graduates via this website. 

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Have you ever watched people spend several days attending a workshop and come out emotionally all pumped up with that's the way I want to work and live my life,  but on Monday morning they revert back to their old habits.





My Program structure includes an accountability phase (follow up) which helps develop a personalized set of processes that assists clients staying focused daily.


 Accountability forces habit change.

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