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Thanks for your News Letter update.  It is a wonderful reminder.  I have been able to implement many of your strategies.  Actually, this year has been very busy with an extremely large federal project added with nothing else taken off my plate.  Quite honestly, my secretary and I could not have done this work had I not attended your training.

I am curious as to how you are doing with expanding your educator training.

Thanks again!


Blackford County Schools



I am eternally grateful to you for your product and your approach to coaching. Without reservation, I recommend your system and coaching to anyone in search of a framework for organizing their work. You have provided me with an opportunity to happen to the day rather than having the day happen to me.



Executive Director

Kaleidoscope Inc.

Chicago IL


Hi Ken,

I just cleaned out my e-mail boxes last night. Would you believe I got rid of 600 e-mails! I so needed to receive the information you sent today. My trip is approaching for Africa and I can't afford to be working on things that have nothing to do with the trip.

 Thanks for your updates,





I read your news and thought I would share with you how I resolved my dilemma about using Outlook and the Planner.


I dropped my Outlook calendar!  I wanted very much to use the planner to be a role model for our employees, however, I just was not comfortable using two calendars.  I was anxious that I would forget something.  Since I dropped the Outlook calendar, I really don't miss it.  The planner system works great!

The only thing I use Outlook for is my contacts and the recurring tasks.

Due to the nature of my HR job, I just have too many weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly tasks to remember and/or write down on the monthly calendar squares.  So, when I build my Day Plan Tool pages, I just transcribe the tasks that are scheduled for that week onto my day pages.

Thanks for the program - it really works!


Human Resources Manager

Quality Management Representative,Ship-Pac Inc.




I did it, I did it, yep - I have an immaculate office.  We must follow-up in the new year, let me know when you will be in Chicago next . . . have a great holiday.


Marketing Coordinator    







Wow, Tom's testimony is awesome. Just goes to show you the impact one person can have on another's life.


I'm still doing well. Remember my coworker's office I took you into telling you how jealous I was of how organized her office was, Today noted how  impressed she is with how neat my office is and how she has to find time to clean out her office.


I am slowly working through my piles, but they are not on my desk.  I too, thank you for your system and the one-on-one consultation. I needed the one-on-one, the class would not have worked for me.


I will send pictures when I reach some additional pile removing milestones, i.e. on my table and under the desk. I have hope, a system and a coach.  I'm not discouraged. 


Thank so much Coach, the pictures will be coming soon.






It's been a week since we met. I have had several successes and wanted to share:

I went home and systemized my desk and saw it clean for the 1st time this year.

(Remind me I have pictures)I have been able to find and complete tasks like never before. I have worked on my personal plan.


My teammates have commented on my responsiveness and preparedness in the past week.


Thank YOU!!! I know we have a follow-up appointment next week, but want to be one of your success stories. I appreciate you and look forward to discussing my progress.

Take care,


Manager DBU - Outreach Initiatives

Eli Lilly USA

Indianapolis IN

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Have you ever watched people spend several days attending a workshop and come out emotionally all pumped up with that's the way I want to work and live my life,  but on Monday morning they revert back to their old habits.





My Program structure includes an accountability phase (follow up) which helps develop a personalized set of processes that assists clients staying focused daily.


 Accountability forces habit change.

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